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What is Thin Flexible Led Screen P15


A Thin Flexible Led Screen P15 refers to a display panel composed of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) arranged in a matrix pattern with a pixel pitch of 15mm. The term "thin" implies that the display is designed to be slim and lightweight, making it suitable for installations where space is limited or where a sleek design aesthetic is desired. The "flexible" aspect indicates that the display panel can bend or curve to a certain degree, allowing for creative and dynamic installations that conform to non-conventional surfaces or shapes.


Product parameter table

 Module size (mm) 990*390 Peak power 600w/㎡
 LED light REE2022 Average power 200w/㎡
 Pixel composition R1G1B1 Work environment Temperature -20-55
 Pixel spacing (mm) 15*15 Weight 1.3kg
 Module pixel 66*26=1716 Thickness 2.5mm
 Pixel/㎡ 4356 Drive mode static state
 Brightness 2000/4000 Control system Nova/Colorlight
 Permeability 94% Typical value of life 100000H
 Angle of view ° 160 Grayscale level 16bit
 input voltage AC110-240V50/60Hz Refresh rate 3840Hz


High Resolution: Despite its flexibility, the Thin Flexible LED Screen P15 offers high resolution, ensuring clear and sharp images and videos even at close viewing distances.

Flexibility: The ability to bend or curve the display panel enables innovative and eye-catching installations, such as curved walls, cylindrical structures, or uniquely shaped displays.

Lightweight Design: The use of lightweight materials and innovative construction techniques results in a thin and lightweight display panel, making it easier to handle and install.

Versatility: The Thin Flexible LED Screen P15 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to its durable construction and weather-resistant properties.

Energy Efficiency: LED technology offers energy-efficient operation, reducing power consumption compared to traditional display technologies.

Easy Installation: The flexible nature of the display panel simplifies the installation process, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup in various environments.


Retail Environments: Thin Flexible LED screens can be used in retail spaces for advertising, branding, and creating immersive customer experiences.

Entertainment Venues: They are ideal for use in theaters, concert halls, and event venues for displaying dynamic visuals and enhancing the audience's experience.

Architectural Installations: Thin Flexible LED screens can be integrated into architectural elements such as curved walls, ceilings, or columns to create visually striking and interactive environments.

Corporate Settings: In corporate settings, they can be used for presentations, information displays, and brand promotion in lobbies, conference rooms, and trade show booths.

Outdoor Advertising: The weather-resistant properties of Thin Flexible LED screens make them suitable for outdoor advertising applications such as billboards, digital signage, and building wraps.

In summary, a Thin Flexible LED Screen P15 is an advanced display technology that offers high resolution, flexibility, and versatility for various indoor and outdoor applications. Its slim profile, lightweight design, and energy-efficient operation make it a preferred choice for creating captivating visual displays in retail, entertainment, architectural, corporate, and advertising settings.

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