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Reefilm is a specialised LED flexible and transparent film display manufacturer, which is widely used in all kinds of high-end display and advertising scenes. Whether it is window advertising, restaurant chains, shopping malls, airports, museums, financial institutions, 4S automotive shops, exhibitions, large-scale celebration venues, stage construction, architectural facades, etc., Reefilm's LED flexible and transparent film displays provide excellent visual experience and innovative display effects.

Reefilm's REM Series products, including Transparent LED Display Film P20 and Thin Flexible Led Screen P15, have been widely recognised and praised by the market for their excellent performance and flexible application scenarios.


  • Main Features:
    High Transparency: The transparency of P20 Transparent Film Display Screen is up to 85%, which ensures the display effect while maintaining the transparency of glass to the maximum extent.
    Slim and lightweight design: weighing less than 1kg per square metre and only 1-2mm thick, it is easy to install and takes up no space.
    High Brightness: With a high brightness of 4000 nits, it is clearly visible even under direct sunlight.
    Energy saving and environmental protection**: low power consumption design, energy saving effect is remarkable, in line with modern environmental protection requirements.

    Application Scenarios:
    Window Advertising: Extremely high transparency and thin and light design make P20 ideal for window advertising, it can be perfectly integrated into glass windows without affecting indoor lighting and line of sight.
    Malls and airports: In malls and airports, P20 transparent film displays provide clear and eye-catching information in their signage systems and advertising displays, while maintaining the overall aesthetics of the building.
    Financial Institutions and Museums: High-end venues have very high requirements for display screens, and the P20's high brightness and clarity are perfectly suited to meet the needs of these venues.


  • Key features:
    Extreme Flexibility: P15 flexible film display has excellent flexibility and can be easily adapted to various curved surface installation needs.
    High Definition Resolution: With a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080, the P15 ensures that every detail is clearly presented.
    High Contrast: Thanks to its high contrast design, the P15 provides excellent visual effects in any lighting conditions.
    Modular design: The modular design makes installation and maintenance easier, reducing the cost of use.

    Application Scenarios:
    Exhibition and display: In various exhibition and display activities, the flexibility and high definition of P15 can create stunning visual effects and attract audiences to stop and watch.
    Stage construction**: Stage backgrounds and special effects require flexible and versatile displays, and P15's flexible design can easily meet a variety of creative needs.
    Architectural Curtain Wall: P15 can be used not only for indoor, but also for outdoor architectural curtain wall displays, enhancing the visual impact and sense of technology of the building.

Reefilm has strong production capacity to meet large-scale orders. We use state-of-the-art equipment and technology in our manufacturing process to ensure that every film display meets the highest quality standards. Whether it's a standard product or a customised requirement, we are able to respond quickly and provide efficient solutions.

Customised service:

Size Customisation: We provide various sizes of thin film displays according to customers' specific needs.

Shape customisation: For special installation environments, we can provide film displays with customised shapes.

Function customisation: According to the application scenarios, we can provide displays with different functions, such as touch interaction and double-sided display.

Reefilm is committed to providing customers with the highest quality LED flexible and transparent film display solutions. Whether it is a standard product or a customised requirement, we will provide the best products and services to our customers with the highest standards and the most professional attitude. Choose Reefilm, choose innovation and quality.

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