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Industry Leading Thin Flexible LED Screen P15


The Thin Flexible Led Screen P15 is an innovative product that combines advanced LED technology and high-performance materials, designed to provide a superior visual experience and wide application flexibility. The product is independently developed with an integrated LED light source drive system to ensure high reliability and stability.


High light transmittance and easy installation

The P15 screen stands out with its high light transmittance of over 90%, which does not affect the lighting effect of the glass skylight. Easy to install, no steel support is required, just gently attach the thin screen and connect the power signal to complete the installation.

Outstanding Physical Characteristics

This screen is designed to be flexible and suitable for a variety of surfaces, such as curved walls or shaped structures. Its ultra-thin design is only 2.5mm thick and weighs only 5kg per square meter, greatly reducing installation and transportation costs. With excellent UV resistance, it can remain clear and non-yellowing for 5 to 10 years. In addition, the P15 screen meets V1 flame retardant standards, providing additional safety.

Wide range of application areas

The thin Flexible LED Screen P15 shows its unlimited application potential in various industries. In commercial buildings, it can add modernity and visual appeal to large shopping centers, hotels and exhibition centers, enhancing brand image and customer experience. In the field of cultural performances, P15 screen provides colorful and stunning visual effects for theaters, performing arts venues and concerts, bringing an immersive audio-visual experience to the audience. In addition, it is widely used for indoor and outdoor billboards, display exhibitions, large event backdrops and high-end display venues.

Long-term reliability and investment protection

This product not only demonstrates leadership in design and technology, but also guarantees long-term return on investment and user satisfaction through its up to 10 years of trouble-free operation.The high reliability and versatility of the P15 screen makes it an indispensable and advanced choice for modern architecture and marketing.

With its excellent performance characteristics, wide application potential and long-term investment guarantee, the thin flexible LED screen P15 brings unprecedented flexibility, quality experience and business value to users.

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