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Bendable Led Screen P8


In the context of the rapid development of digital display technology today, flexible and Bendable Led Screens, as a revolutionary product, are gradually attracting the attention and favor of the global market.

This article will deeply explore the key technical parameters and application advantages of the P8 model Bendable LED screen, and take you to appreciate the charm of this innovative technology.

Bendable Led Screen P8

Technical specifications at a glance

1. Device size and weight

Bendable LED Screen P8 provides more creative space for various applications with its flexible design

Dimensions: 1000*400 mm

Weight: 1.3 kg

Thickness: 2.5 mm

Pixel pitch: 8*8 mm

Module pixels: 125*50 = 6250

2. Optoelectronic parameters

The LED lamp and optoelectronic characteristics of the P8 model enable it to perform well in various environments:

LED lamp: REE1515

Pixel configuration: R1G1B1

Brightness: peak 2000/average 4000 nits/m2

Transmittance: 92%

Viewing angle: 160 degrees

Grayscale: 16 bits

3. Electrical and performance indicators

These key indicators ensure the stability of the screen and excellent visual effects:

Peak power: 600 W/m2

Average power: 200 W/m2

Pixel density: 25,600 pixels per square meter

Input voltage: AC110-240V 50/60Hz

Drive mode: static state

Refresh rate: 3840 Hz

Control system: Nova/Colorlight

Typical life: 100,000 hours

4. Working environment requirements

P8 Bendable LED screen adapts to various complex environmental conditions:

Working temperature: -20°C to 55°C

Working humidity: 10% to 90%

Application advantages and innovations

1. Flexibility of curved design

The P8 model Bendable LED screen uses advanced flexible materials and designs, which can be bent and adjusted according to needs to adapt to various curved surfaces and non-traditional installation scenarios, such as cylindrical and curved walls. This flexibility makes it shine in billboards, stage backgrounds, exhibitions and other fields.

2. High definition and color performance

Equipped with high-quality REE1515 LED lights, the P8 screen provides excellent visual effects, with high brightness, wide viewing angles and precise color performance. Whether indoors or outdoors, it can ensure clear and bright content.

3. Environmental protection and energy saving

With water-based coating and plastic-free design, the P8 Bendable LED screen meets environmental standards, is biodegradable, and does not release toxic substances, contributing to sustainable development.

4. High performance and long life

The high refresh rate and long life of the P8 screen ensure long-term stable operation and high-quality display effects, reducing maintenance costs and the need for frequent replacement, making it an ideal choice with high return on investment.

The Bendable LED Screen P8 is not only an innovation in digital display technology, but also a new challenge and perfect upgrade to traditional LED screens. Its innovative design and excellent technical characteristics give it broad market prospects and unlimited creative space in application scenarios in multiple industries. Whether you are looking for a breakthrough in traditional visual display methods or pursuing high-efficiency and environmentally friendly digital solutions, the Bendable LED Screen P8 will be your indispensable first choice. Learn more about the P8 Bendable LED screen now and explore its application possibilities in your projects!

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